=== Known Necron Ship Types===
M1184173 99110810001 BFGTombshipMain 873x627

Cairn Class Tombship


Cairn Class Tombship

Cairn Class Tombships are the largest Necron ships encountered by the Imperium. They are massive and terrifyingly well-armed craft, perfectly capable of defeating any battleship in the Gothic Sector. This massive warship is constantly accompaneid by a Scythe Class Harvest Ship each time it's encountered.

M1182665 99060810002 BFGScytheMain 873x627

Scythe Class Harvest Ship

Scythe Class Harvest Ship

Necron Fleets are normally accompanied by at least one Scythe Class Harvest Ship. This ship is considered to be lightly built  compared to Imperium massive ships in the Gothic Sector according to its outer apperance  but recent encounters with the Scythe shown that it's extremely durable and can take a huge amount of firepower punishment from Imperium ships. The Imperium had only managed to disable three ships so far and in all cases it took the combined concentrated firepower of several capital ships before going down.
M1182670 99060810005 BFGShroudMain 873x627

Shroud Class Light Cruiser


Shroud Class Light Cruiser

The Shroud Class Light Cruiser is encountered by the Imperium on Mars,whereby five of them tried to land on the surface of Mars.Out of five ships,only one managed to land on the Mars surface as Imperium defenses on Mars vaporised some of the incoming ships. The Shroud is believed by the Imperium as a scout ship and an inflitrator for the Necron fleet. Mounting enough arnaments,the Shroud is capable of taking down other ships as well.

M1540190 99060810003 BFGJackalMain 873x627

Jackal Class Raiders

Jackal Class Raider

Jackal Class Raider is the larger counterpart of it's cousin,the Dirge Class Raider.Recent encounters of the Imperium with the Necron fleets always shown that this type of ship constantly escorts Necron war fleets.Capable of transporting Necron troops to the planetary surface and mounting ample firepower with enough speed to defeat other escort ships,the Jackal Class Raider is suited for support on planetary siege and hit-and-run tactics.

M1540195 99060810004 BFGDirgeMain 873x627

Dirge Class Raider


Dirge Class Raider

The Dirge Class Raider is a rarier counterpart of the Jackal.This ship is sighted to be a major part of the Necron fleets before the Yuctan Incident. Other information regarding this type of ship is not yet discovered.

Necrontyr Weapons Edit

Necrontyr weaponry are extremely powerful and comparable to the Eldar's advanced weapons.

Lightning Arc: A special weaponry that stores solar energy as it's main source of power.When activated,it will release the stored solar energy as tendrils of energy that can engulf an enemy vessel and subsequently destroys the engulfed vessel. In game terms,they act like weapon batteries that can  ignore  any holo/shadow fields and count the target as closing.

Star Pulse Generator: This weapon is an area of effect weapon,when activated,it will release a huge energy burst that can annihilate any ships that ventured too close to Necron ships.

Gauss Particle Whip: Each of the Necron ships comes equipped with the dreaded Gauss Particle Whip. Similar in working principle as the Gauss weapon mainly found on the Necron Monolith and Pylons,this weapon is capable of hitting far targets with potent firepower.

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